Linear light fixtures designed and manufactured by  OptoElectronix™ are certified to National standards for safety, and are suitable for use in commercial refrigeration and other food service applications in addition to the wide range of applications currently served by fluorescent lights.


Compared to fluorescent lights, our LED fixtures use less than 50% of the energy and last longer thereby saving replacement and labor costs, and do not contain mercury with its concomitant disposal and food safety issues.


Standard lengths for the linear light fixtures are 21 in and 48 in.  However, with a reasonable order quantity, any length between 6 in and 48 in can be produced.  Even longer lengths are available on a semi-custom basis.



ULF8000 Series

  • 400 to 2400 Lumen output

  • Plug-and-play T8 fluorescent bulb equivalent

  • Warm white or cool white light

ULF8000 Series details and data sheets

ULF24000 Series

  • Ingress Protection Rating IP66 - dust tight and protected against powerful water jets

  • Wide Beam Angle

  • Plug and play fully integrated light

  • Safety compliant to US and Canadian standards

ULF24000 Series details and data sheets