Shoebox Retrofit Series


The OptoElectronix TM ULF15000 SP Series Area Lighting is designed as a retrofit kit for new or existing shoe‐box housings. It consists of a set of highly reliable LEDs, thermal management system and a reliable power module Input to the ULF15000 SP ranges from 100VAC to 277VAC 50/60Hz. Integrated Electronics ensures constant current through the LEDs to ensure reliability and consistent light quality.

 The PDF Data sheet is available here.





Key Applications

ULF15000 SP was designed specifically to retrofit into shoe-box luminary housing commonly used for HPS and Metal Halide lighting and optimized to deliver light directly to the working surface. Since shoe-boxes often vary in shape and size, the unique patented adjustable mounting adapts to the profile offering good thermal performance. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as parking bays, flood lighting, factory and warehouse lighting. Mounting of fixtures can be on a pole, or wall mounted. Simple installation can be performed by an electrician.


Thermal Management

ULF15000 have a built-in heat sink for reliable operation. It is designed with use of thermal profile and simulation so that the LEDs would be operated significantly below the maximum specification limits, hence ensuring prolonged life-span.


Customizable Options

The beam pattern of the ULF15000 SP can be customized per requirements.  Specifications on the datasheet show the Type II and Type V beam patterns.


Certifications and Completed Tests

UL/CSA: Power supply is UL/CSA approved.

Ingress Protection Rating: IP66 – dust tight and protected against powerful water jets.

DLC Approval: To be qualified by model and fixture used. Eligible for rebates from many utilities.

IESNA LM80-08: LEDs used comply with LM80-08 standards ensuring life-span. 

*Warranty for 35,000 hours or 5 years, whichever comes first.



ULF15000 SP Series Data Sheet PDF