ULF33000 Automotive Cabin Map Light

The OptoElectronix ULF33000 Series was designed for installation inside a vehicle for use as an adjustable focus light, specifically as a map light.  The unit is fully integrated with adjustable eyeball with limited variable focus.  The power input to the ULF33000 is typically from the vehicle's battery.




Key Applications

The ULF33000 is specifically designed for use as a map light or focused light in a vehicles cabin.  It emits white light as well as cyan making it possible to be used with NVIS.

Typical operating voltage is 24V DC, but to cater to variations of voltages in a vehicle the unit can operate from 10V to 36V DC.  Unit has On/Off switch. Input connections are through Deutsch connector.  Refer to the datasheet drawing for wire configuration


Thermal Management

ULF33000 was designed using thermal profiling and simulation so that the LEDs and components can be operated significantly below the maximum spefication limits, ensuring prolonged lifespan even at ambient temperatures of up to +50 degrees C


Certifications and Completed Tests

IESNA LM80-­‐08: LEDs used comply with LM80-­08

RoHS: Compliant


ULF33000 Series Data Sheet PDF