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OptoElectronix is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED Light Engines, fixtures, luminaires and lighting solutions. Born out of the LED semiconductor business, the founders of OptoElectronix have assembled a team with decades of experience in manufacturing, optical design, power electronics design, mechanical design, thermal design, and systems engineering.

OptoElectronix also provides comprehensive value-added solutions through wire harness assemblies and high precision plastic injection molding. 

Silicon Valley, California

Our corporate offices are in Morgan Hill, California. In addition to our corporate activities, this office provides sales, customer support, and applications engineering functions. 

Penang, Malaysia

Our manufacturing, engineering, and operations have been headquartered in Penang, Malaysia since 2006. Malaysia is a world leader in the manufacturer of LEDs and solid-state lighting products. Strategically located, Penang is known for automated manufacturing, logistics infrastructure, unsurpassed product quality and globally competitive costs.

A unique form factor

The LEDs used in the device

The Art of LEDs

The optical system (lens)

As is often the case with cutting-edge technology, there is as much art as science required to integrate the technologies needed to make a market-ready product. The “Art of LEDs” requires an intimate understanding of all the elements that go into creating an LED light

The thermal management system for the LED-generated heat

The electronic drive circuit that drives the LED from a standard voltage source

In addition, other
  • skills
  • disciplines
  • knowledge
become critical

Manufacturing Process

A thorough understanding of lighting industry standards

The aesthetic needs of the lighting industry

Few companies have experience and expertise in all these areas. OptoElectronix is committed to advancing the state of the Art of LEDs by designing and manufacturing LED-based lighting platforms for a wide variety of applications.

Our Universal Light Engine™ and Universal Light Fixture™ products are the lights of the future.

Business Focus

Manufacturing High-Quality, High-Reliability LED Products

While the design is one critical factor in the reliability, longevity, and quality of the LED-based lighting platform, the other critical factor is the manufacturing. Here is where optics, thermal management, electronic components, and the LED device come together into one cohesive product.
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Customizing to your needs

LED luminaires and products are commonly available in the market today. However, a standard off the shelf commercial product might not be available to optimally meet the performance, reliability or quality needs of your end product applications. OptoElectronix focuses on providing customized product designs in your specific markets at low volume, high mix or at high production volumes at globally competitive costs.
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CEO and Managing Director

Mr. Kow has over 40 years of experience in the LED optoelectronics semiconductor manufacturing industry with Litronix, Inc., Siemens Semiconductors, and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, as well as consulting with Malaysian companies in improving their operational systems and project management processes. He has held a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of product and process engineering, equipment automation, training, production operations, and facilities management.

His experience involves working with multinational teams in the transfer of products and technology as well as relocating high-volume product lines from one site to another. Robert has a variety of manufacturing process experience involving metals, plastics, SMD, and chip-on-board assembly, as well as semiconductor testing and packaging.
Chuck Berghoff
Chairman and Co-Founder

Mr. Berghoff has over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Berghoff built the Siemens Optoelectronic Division into one of the world's leading broad-line optoelectronic products suppliers. Products ranged from commodity optocouplers for the telecom industry to application-specific displays for leading cell phone manufacturers as well as custom products for major automotive, medical, industrial, and telecom customers.

Over a 13-year period Berghoff held positions as VP of marketing, Custom Product Business Unit manager, Intelligent Display Business Unit manager, and later led the division as VP and general manager. Berghoff also served on the board of Siemens Malaysia.

Berghoff’s prior semiconductor experience includes Intel, Summit Microelectronics, Supertex, and Ladcor.
Jim Schenck
Vice President of Sales

Mr. Schenck has over 40 years experience in the semiconductor industry with extensive experience in sales, marketing and general management. Prior to joining OptoElectronix Mr. Schenck cofounded Solutions in Silicon a successful North American and European sales and marketing organization representing Leadis Technology, Phison, Silego Technology, MicroEmissive Displays and Sensor Platforms.

Mr. Schenck has been intimately involved at the Executive Level with the early stages of several Silicon Valley start-up companies including Mobius Microsystems, SiTime, Silego Technology, IC Works, Level One Communications, Crystal Semiconductor and California Devices. Prior to that, he held positions at Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor and American Microsystems Inc.
Nelda Pawan
Operations & Finance Director

Ms. Pawan graduated from La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia in 2003 with a Bachelor of Business in International Business. She has 20 years of experience in Operations, Finance and Accounting management.

Ms. Pawan had worked in the different segments of the manufacturing industries. She has held a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of finance, accounting, purchasing, and international business management.

Currently Ms. Pawan manages the finance and accounting of OptoElectronix in San Jose, CA and Penang, Malaysia. She is also responsible for the Manufacturing Operations in Penang which encompasses Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Supplier contracts.