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Chuck Berghoff, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Berghoff has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Berghoff built the Siemens Optoelectronic Division into one of the world's leading broad-line optoelectronic products suppliers. Products ranged from commodity optocouplers for the telecom industry to application-specific displays for leading cell phone manufacturers as well as custom products for major automotive, medical, industrial, and telecom customers.

Over a 13-year period Berghoff held positions as VP of marketing, Custom Product Business Unit manager, Intelligent Display Business Unit manager, and later led the division as VP and general manager. Berghoff also served on the board of Siemens Malaysia.

Berghoff’s prior semiconductor experience includes Intel, Summit Microelectronics, Supertex, and Ladcor.


ROBERT KOW, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Operations

Mr. Kow has over 30 years of experience in the LED optoelectronics semiconductor manufacturing industry with Litronix, Inc., Siemens Semiconductors, and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, as well as consulting with Malaysian companies in improving their operational systems and project management processes. He has held a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of product and process engineering, equipment automation, training, production operations, and facilities management.

His experience involves working with multinational teams in the transfer of products and technology as well as relocating high-volume product lines from one site to another. Robert has a variety of manufacturing process experience involving metals, plastics, SMD, and chip-on-board assembly, as well as semiconductor testing and packaging.


TOM THAYER, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Thayer has extensive experience in marketing and general management, which he has now contributed to OptoElectronix for more than 7 years.  

Prior to joining OptoElectronix, Mr. Thayer established a successful consulting practice focusing on go-to-market strategies, channel profitability, competitive analyses, and program assessments for clients such as HP, Quindi and Novodynamics.

He was also VP/ GM for Covad’s Broadband Solutions, where he refocused the division from consumer to business customers, grew sales, and reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 70%.

Before that, he was recruited by Xerox as their Director of Channel Development and Strategy. Subsequently, he led their western channel sales organization before becoming VP of Marketing for their Digital Desktop Business Unit, with world-wide responsibility for almost $500 million in revenue. He also led the acquisition of Omnifax and became CEO of the acquired company.

Earlier, he held several positions at Hewlett Packard and at two environmental consulting firms.


Dato Yap Peng Hooi, Co-Founder

Dato Yap has over 30 years of experience in the optoelectronics semiconductor industry including senior VP, Managing Director and Board Member of the Siemens OSRAM Opto Semiconductor in Penang, Malaysia. Dato Yap successfully established the first Siemens Opto Factory in Wuxi China and led over 2,000 employees.

Under his leadership, the Penang operation won the Malaysia Quality Award, the Prime Minister’s Excellence Award and the Siemens Corporate Quality Award in Semiconductor industry. He also has extensive expertise in deployment of best practices including ISO standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), 6 Sigma, and Design to Cost (DTC).

Dato Yap is the past President of the Free Industrial Zone, Penang companies Association and a member of the Penang Industrial Council, Semiconductor & Electronics Components Task Force.


George Martin, Vice President, Engineering and IP Services

Mr. Martin started his career at Siemens, Optoelectronics, (known now as Osram).  There he formed the Custom Products group as the engineering manager.  Working closely with sales and marketing, this became a significant business unit within the company, primarily in the medical devices marketplace. Some of these products remain in production after more than two decades. 

George also represented the company in the effort to reconcile the standard measurement methods used for traditional lighting to the unique properties of solid-state optical devices.  In that effort he was involved with our National Institute of Standards Technology, and the world-wide body known has the CIE.  He organized the first conference of the major SSL companies, test equipment and standards manufacturers, and was host to the Executive Secretary of the CIE. 

From there, George managed the Supplier Development Engineering group at Johnson and Johnson LifeScan. The focus of the group was to understand what factors in suppliers’ designs and processes were most critical to LifeScan’s product performance.  These efforts resulted in significant improvements in manufacturing yields, reductions in field returns, and improved compliance with worldwide regulations. Subsequently, he reported directly to executive management and the board of the company, where he spearheaded the global effort to reduce the new product introduction time from years to weeks.


Jim Schenck, Vice President of Sales

Mr. Schenck has over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry with extensive experience in sales. marketing and general management. Most recently, Mr. Schenck established a successful North American and European sales and marketing organization representing Leadis Technology, Phison, Silego Technology, Micro Emissive Displays and Sensor Platforms.

Over the past 25 years Mr. Schenck has been intimately involved with the early stages of several Silicon Valley startups companies including Mobius Micro, SiTime, Silego technology, IC Works, Level One Communications, Crystal Semiconductor and California Devices.

Prior to that, he held positions at Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor and American Microsystems


Nelda Pawan, Operations & Finance Manager

Ms. Nelda graduated from La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia in 2003 with a Bachelor of Business in International Business. She has 15 years of experience in Operations, Finance and Accounting management.

Ms. Nelda had worked in the different segments of the manufacturing industries. She has held a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of finance, accounting, purchasing, and international business management.

Currently Ms. Nelda manages the finance and accounting of OptoElectronix in San Jose, CA and Penang, Malaysia. She is also responsible for the Manufacturing Operations in Penang which encompasses Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Supplier contracts.