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LED Lighting Technology

LEDs are an essential solution for highly cost-effective, energy-efficient, next-generation illumination applications. Decades of LED research and development have dramatically improved light efficiency and lowered chip costs across the visible spectrum—today LEDs are viable for lighting applications ranging from appliances to major building retrofits to new construction.

Compared to more traditional lighting, LEDs provides the advantages of:



In order to maximize these advantages, multiple areas of engineering expertise are required.  Balancing their competing needs to provide the optimal light source is the Art of LEDs™.  These include:

However, reliability is primarily the result of effective heat management and quality electronics that are designed to last as long as the LEDs themselves.


Manufacturing High-Quality, High-Reliability LED Lights

While the design is one critical factor in the reliability, longevity, and quality of the LED-based lighting platform, the other critical factor is the manufacturing. Here is where optics, thermal management, electronic components, and the LED device come together into one cohesive product.

Keys to producing high-quality, reliable products are sincere commitments to programs such as: