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High Output Flood and Area Lighting

The OptoElectronix™ high-output LED floodlight and area lights are designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of applications. They meet the most demanding criteria while offering maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a superior quality of light.

Our smaller LED floodlight modules, at 1500-4000 lumens, are appropriate for factory lighting, warehouse lighting, and sign board illumination. They can also be used in outdoor applications such as pole-mounted parking bay lights and landscape lighting.

Our LED area-lighting fixtures, at 8000-32000 lumens, can replace commonly used HPS or metal halide lighting. They can be mounted from the ceiling, on lighting posts, or at ground level for a wide variety of applications such as high-bay lights, parking bays, flood lighting, factory lighting, and warehouse lighting.

Other key features include:

ULF11000 Series

  • 1500-4000 lumens light output
  • 60-degree and 90-degree beam patterns available

ULF11000 Series details and data sheets

ULF12000 Series

  • 8000-36000 lumens light output
  • 90-degree and 160-degree beam patterns available

ULF12000 Series details and data sheets

ULF15000 Series

  • "Shoe Box" Parking Lot Retrofit¬†
  • Sealed Construction- Water Resistant
  • Wide Beam Angle
  • Integrated Heat Sink available in Black or White

ULF15000 Series details and data sheets