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When it’s done right, LED-based lighting delivers the performance, energy savings, and operating life your application requires.

OptoElectronix™ is the leader in The Art of LEDs™—the conception, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge, standardized and highly efficient LED-based lighting.

We bring together many decades of expertise and experience in LED systems, an intimate knowledge of the lighting industry, and a thorough understanding of the manufacturing disciplines to produce the highest quality products.


Integrated Design: Optics, Drivers, and Thermal Management

LED light engines and replacement bulbs simply won’t perform as promised without design and manufacturing that balances heat, optics, electronics, power, and component attributes. For example, if the heat generated by the LED isn’t properly directed out of the LED, it deminish the lifespan of the LED. A quality LED will typically last 50,000-100,000 or more hours.

OptoElectronix takes an integrated approach using the industry’s top modeling tools — including SolidWorks and COSMOS — to design and analyze the entire thermal system for longest life. Automated manufacturing using statistical process control (SPC) methodologies and stringent product quality testing ensure consistent high quality and long life.


Stringent Product Qualification and Reliability Testing:

One way we ensure that our products exceed customer satisfaction, is to perform stringent tests on all products prior to their release to production. These reliability tests place the products in situations that greatly exceed what they would normally experience over their lifetime.


Here is an example of our testing typically done on the ULE 2000 series of products:
Reliability Report and Product Qualification Program



We submit our LED light engines to third-party testing houses for additional qualifications. Many of our products carry one or more of the following certifications: